The well-equipped tourist port of Torregrande is located in the gulf of Oristano. The gulf is a departure point and the ideal place to practise water sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Each of these sports is aided by the presence of a north-western wind that blows almost constantly along the coasts of the Oristano province.


San Giovanni, Putzu Idu and Torregrande are only some of the extraordinary places in which to treat your hand at these sports. They also offer several facilities, equipped with boards and sails, that organize private lessons and classes for those with less experience.


The “Centro sportivo EOLO ” organises windsurfing courses, catamarans, sailing and stand up paddle.
It is equipped with fields for practising beach tennis and beach volley. It also organises tournements and national and International sporting events.

There you can find a food court that offers beach services and children activities.

Sito web: www.eolowindsurf.com


ALEA Ricerca & Ambiente organizes excursions, guided tours, personalized tour to discover the territory.
Find out how to customize your tour and your vacation in the Sinis penisula.
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Diving is another sport that is popular along Sardinia’s western coast, which offers crystal clear water. Underwater environments of rare beauty can be admired while scuba-diving or snorkeling.

There are many diving centers that rent scuba equipment and offer courses for obtaining scuba-diving licenses.


The central-western coast of the island, thanks to its natural beauty and mild climate, is the ideal setting for those who enjoy outdoor sports.

The Sinis area is a destination for tourists as well as one for sports lovers, whose passion for uncountaminated nature will be satisfied by long rides on mountain bikes.


Trekking lovers can follow the trails of picturesque routes such as those around Laconi, the Giara and the Ossidiana, Capo Mannu, Barigadu, Columbargia and Managu. You can also go trekking through the volcanic massifs of Montiferru or Monte Arci, as well as along the cliffs of Sinis overlooking the sea. You can find all the historical, natural and artistic information about the territory of the province at the centres that deal with organizing excursions.


On the steep basalt cliffs of Monte Arci you can also try climbing which originated from the scaling of rocky ridges for pure exercise and fun, without using any artificial equipment which could cause damage to the natural faces.


Cornus, in Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, with its chalk stone rocks, and Samugheo are other places usually frequented by climbers.


Sardinia, land of horses and riders, has its great traditions in the field of equestrianism.


The horse is an integral part of the history and culture of the island and this passion is felt even more intensely around Oristano where there have always been festivals and rides in which the horse is the centre of the show.


This means that no one can miss out on projects for the practice of equestrian tourism. This sport is also known as horse-trekking and takes place outdoors, at the beach, in the woods or in the mountains.


In the area of Bosa, Scano Montiferro, Ghilarza, Abbasanta, Bonarcado, Paulilatino, San Vero Milis, Putzuidu, Siamaggiore, Santa Giusta and Arborea you can find riding stables and riding centers specialized for lovers of this sport.


Birdwatching lovers can admire birds throughout 6000 hectares of ponds around the province, particular species of birds such as the rare sultan chicken, the red heron and the German mallard.


The most characteristic birds are the pink flamingos that in the period from October to May inhabit lagoons, feeding on small crustaceans that live in ponds.


The territory of this part of Sardinia is ideal for playing golf. The mild climate and ideal terrain together with many quality golf courses attract more and more fans every year.


In the area of Oristano, extremely rich in terms of marine and coastal heritage, the opportunity to participate in fishing activities is also on offer for tourists and beach lovers alike.


Business operators make their boats available to visitors and carry out tourist and recreational activities such as hiking along the coast (leaving from Putzuidu, Torre Grande and Marcedì), sport fishing, observation of traditional fishing activities and the tasting of traditional fresh fish dishes.


The streets of this part of Sardinia are a favorite destination for motorcycle tourism, as shown by the numerous motorcycle clubs in the area which organize national and international competitions and motorcycle rallies for fans of various specialties.


Those who love motors and speed may also enjoy three circuits of cart and superbike in Abbasanta Tramatza and Arborea.