The Beaches

The coasts of the province of Oristano satisfy lovers of any landscape thanks to alternating tongues of snow-white sand, quartziferous beaches and, from Capo Mannu on up, high limestone cliffs. Much of the territory is under environmental protection for its high naturalistic value.


Coarse-grained golden sand and fine gravel, quiet promenade edged by tall palm trees. Very well equipped, accessible to the disabled. Ample parking suitable for campers.

San Giovanni di Sinis

Close to the Paleo-Christian church of San Giovanni, the Punic ruins of Tharros and the Spanish tower of San Giovanni. Very well-equipped beach with ample parking suitable for campers.

Funtana Meiga

The place name, meaning "healing spring," is related to the presence of a freshwater spring that is said to have therapeutic properties. Golden sand with outcropping rocks, equipped with small parking lot and bar.


Very clear sand with pink and white quartz pebbles. Equipped with a large parking lot and bar, ideal for surfing.

Is Arutas

Sand composed of small rounded quartz grains, with shades and colors. One of the most popular places for surfers.

Mari Ermi

Bright white quartz bottom with patches of very fine ochre sand.Enclosed by high dunes.Shallow sloping bottom.Ample parking.

S'arena Scoada

Very fine sand.Shallow sloping seabed.Ample parking and bar.Very popular beach for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Putzu Idu

Very fine white sand, surrounded by salt marshes. From here links to Mal di Ventre Island. Ample parking, also for campers, facilities for the disabled. Very popular for surfing.

Sa Mesa Longa

Reddish-yellow sand, in front of a flat rock outcropping forming a long table (sa mesa), reachable by swimming. Very impressive. Ample parking, also for RVs and refreshment point.

Sa Rocca Tunda

Light-colored sand, narrow beach surrounded by low dunes with crystal-clear sea. shallow, sloping seabed, suitable for children. Parking and bar.

Tower of the Well

Medium coarse light sand, seventeenth-century watchtower. shallow, sloping bottom. various facilities, parking.


Fine dark ochre sand with shell fragments, shallow seabed. Large parking lot, handicapped accessible.

Saint Catherine of Pittinuri

Medium-fine yellow-reddish sand, between limestone cliffs, enriched by presence of caves. Shallow waters and always calm. Very popular with windsurfers. Various facilities and parking.

Island of Mal di Ventre

The island of Mal di Ventre consists of several coves.

Cala Libeccio : grayish light sand alternating with stones and rocks, deep seabed, ideal for scuba diving.

Cala Relitto : grayish light sand not very coarse, in front, at 20mt depth wreck of a nineteenth-century steamer.

Cala Valdaro : light sand tending to gray surrounded by rocks, partly covered by beached posidonia.Shallow sloping sandy seabed.

Cala del Nuraghe : light sand with ochre and golden tones, very coarse, alternating with pebbles.Stony and rocky seabed, near remains of two nuraghi.

Marina of Arborea

Light-colored sand with pebbles, surrounded by a dense pine forest, ideal for those suffering from respiratory problems due to the air very rich in iodine. Equipped with numerous facilities, accessible to the disabled, ample parking for campers as well.


Very clear sand, extended for nearly 2 km with high dunes, series of coves enclosed by cliffs. Some facilities, access for the disabled. Small parking lot for a fee.

S'acqua e S'Ollastu

Light to medium-grained sand extended for 6 km, shallow water ideal for surfing. Some facilities, accessible to the disabled, ample parking.

Tower of Corsairs

Ochre-colored sand, hemmed in by high dunes for about 1.5 km. Numerous facilities, accessible to the disabled, ample parking (paid and unpaid) including for RVs.


Light to medium-grained sand with some outcropping rocks, shallow water. Some facilities, ample parking.