Arborense Antiquarium Museum in Oristano

This is an archaeological collection set up in the 19th-century Parpaglia palace that includes obsidian tools and pottery from the prehistoric centers of Sinis, a rich series of votive vases from the Sianeddu nuraghe in Cabras, some Nuragic bronzes and the larger complex of grave goods from the Phoenician and Punic tombs of Tharros including a sneering terracotta mask. On display are numerous ceramics and glassware from the Roman period and two panels of a triptych with stories of St. Martin (15th cent.) and the "Retablo del Santo Cristo" by Pietro Cavaro (16th cent.)

Archaeological Museums of Cabras and Arborea

Both exhibit artifacts from the municipal area and more generally from the Sinis Peninsula. The former preserves materials from the pre-Nuragic, Nuragic, Phoenician, and Punic periods; the one in Arborea displays more than 500 ceramic, glass, and metal artifacts spanning the period from the late Punic to the late medieval ages. There are no architectural barriers in either, and the guided tour is free

Laconi Museum

Laconi's Menhir Statue Museum houses about forty monoliths carved from the local trachyte, found in the surrounding area and belonging to different types.