Throughout the province there are numerous coastal towers, such as those at Marina di Torre Grande di Cabras, Cuglieri, San Vero Milis and Terralba, erected with the intention of thwarting Saracen raids.

Tower of Torre Grande

Torre Grande is the largest coastal tower in Sardinia; it is located 5-6 km from Oristano, in Marina di Torre Grande. It has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of more than 20 m and is on two levels.

Tower of Mariano

In Oristano, in today's Piazza Roma, one can admire the Tower of San Cristoforo, also known as the Tower of Mariano, built in 1290. 19 meters high,made entirely of sandstone, it consists of three superimposed floors. In the last one is a small tower and a bronze bell, dated 1430.

Portixedda Tower

The Tower of Portixedda comprises two overlapping cylindrical bodies connected by a sloping truncated cone surface.